Xiaomi Mi8 raw data post-processing benchmark

Xiaomi Mi8 raw data post-processing benchmark

Postby Tomastik on Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:57 am

Dear colleagues.
Already before the recent workshop I started an experiment aimed on practical applicability of Xiaomi 8 raw data. On the workshop, I was quite happy when benchmarking was mentioned as possible use of data in our database. So I want to offer my data...

Data collection setup
I collected the data for 25 days. Every day I collected 10 minutes of data on each of three points with supposedly differing degree of multipath (tree cover - see attached picture). I have chosen this short observation time to maintain the practical applicability - common user will hardly use hours of observation. Smartphone was stabilised and levelled during the measurement, and oriented N-S (longest axis). The measurement took place between 10 and 12AM local time. Weather was also noted.

Data structure
I can provide Geo++ Rinex and GNSSLogger data for every measurement. I can also provide data from CORS ~20 km from the measurement site. See the structure of example data.

Data processing
I will process the data using RTKLib, most probably the modified Demo5 version. But here comes the benchmark - if you want to check your solutions, I will be happy. These could be Jason, goGPS, or any other (own or RTKLib based, free or commercial). I know that the short observation could be too short for PPP to converge, but let's try ;) I know that it could be delicate to take your "skin in the game", but we can consult this and solve it in professional manner.

Possible outcomes
My main aim is the absolute accuracy (compared to reference), In my point of view, this is what matters for average user. This doesn't need to be centimeter-level accuracy necessary... The results will be compared intra-day and between days. But wee can also analyse other influences, variability, e.g. what is the benefit of dual-frequency, multi-constellation etc. But let's have in minds that this is quite a heap of data.
The formal aim is to compose a research paper and submit it to the best journal possible.

Example data are available here (one day)

All data will be provided for benchmark participants and subsequently for everybody using the database (some restrictions may be applied)

If you are interested in the benchmark or you have any other feedback, please let me know. Of course, further details as well as schedule will be discussed between participants. Please, forward this information to whoever it may concern. I will also try to recruit participants using ResearchGate.

Best regards
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