Cycle Slip wth GNSS Raw Data

Cycle Slip wth GNSS Raw Data

Postby Himanshu on Wed Apr 10, 2019 11:41 am

Dear All,

I have been working on developing a RINEX converter (Android GNSS Raw data to Rinex). So, I setup a retransmission scenario to enhance the CNO received by the smartphone. I logged Raw data using GNSSlogger and Geo++ simultaneously. I compared the RINEX file generated from my converter with the GEO++ logger output file (RINEX) and realized that the RINEX file created using GNSS raw data has cycle slip flag where as the same epoch data in RINEX file from GEO++ shows no cycle slip. Tracing back to the GNSS raw data parameter "AccumlatedDeltarangestate", which I used for setting cycle slip flag in my RINEX Converter. I realized that the possible state for "AccumlatedDeltarangestate" are 1-4 (as mentioned in the white paper also). But, with the latest version of GNSSLogger. I see the value of "AccumlatedDeltarangestate" set to "17" or "18" or "20" at different epochs. So, my question is that how are these new values interprated now ?

Thank you in advance,
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